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Johnny was born on June 13, 1954 in a small town in New Jersey (Hackenseck). He comes from a large family, four brothers and three sisters. He grew up in New Jersey and then his family moved to Florida in 1963. After moving from one city to another, his mom and dad were divorced. Johhny then moved back to New Jersey to live with his Aunt and Uncle. There is where he met his wife, Judy. His sisters married into her family and then Johnny and Judy started dating. After a couple of years, they got married on March 15, 1972. Then they moved to Hollywood, Florida in 1973. Johhny and Judy started their family. Daughter, Michelle was born on July 27, 1975 and son, John was born on May 16, 1980.
Johhny was always an Elvis fan all his life and he can't even tell you how long he has had his sideburns, he thinks since high school. Johhny started doing Elvis shows in 1975. After the death of Elvis he stopped doing Elvis shows, it had hit him really hard. It took him a year to get back into singing.
Here it is 2011and he is still going strong!!!

Favorite Movie - "Jailhouse Rock"

Favorite Song - "My Way"